Friday, May 17, 2013

My Sweet Grandson!

Harrison, my oldest grandson who just turned 7 last month, drew a pic that I wanted to post.  I thought it was very ingenious of him to label it the way he did.  I think it's simply adorable and wanted to share! As you can see it says:
Name: Harrison
Harrison (Spider-man)
Alex: Venom
From: Harrison
To: Alex
I thought this was so cute since he added all the punctuation

2013 Spring/Summer Garden Projects


Hi Everyone, it 's been a while since I have written in my blog, but thought since I was seeing all these new ideas on everyone's blogs I would also give it a try.  I plan to also include a few of my embroidery/sewing projects that I have been working on, but don't have the pictures with me to do that right now, so I will be writing about my "yard/gardening" projects.

Here is a picture of my side yard near the neighbors and our brick wall that separates the property.  This pic was taken last month before all the grass turned green.

I want  to put in a new flower bed and met with our gardner last evening to help me do just that.  We do have a guy that comes several times a month to help out with what I call "Jr Projects" but Jr., my husband is not involved.  He used to be and still does a lot in our yard, but we have both gotten to where it's easier to get some help with these things.

So, now that you can visialize the yard and the brick wall, the bed will be like a snake along the wall about 4 feet wide.  I plan to put in pink Knock Out Roses and  border it again with the Monkey Grass that you see on the other beds.  I hope to add two architechtual cut lattices to the backdrop as this brick fence is about 40 feet long. I'll post when I get this beautiful bed done!  This will be fun!