Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As many of you, I have several groups of friends.  They come from different social groups that I hang with such as dinner club, garden club, book clubs, social clubs, bunko, and old school friends.  And...as you know you never are short for conversation when you get together.  It's like yesterday when you finally are able to share your thoughts with one another and catch up.  I cherish those times together.

But, as I get older I have come to realize that we are all friends for a reason.  God has put each one of us in each other's lives for a purpose!  My mother, whose picture is in my heading in the white dress,  always taught me that you should have three (3) sets of friends. The first set of friends should be older than you, so they can mentor you as you grow in the Lord. They help you temper your life to His liking and assist in His plan for you.  And, they have great recipes!

The second set of friends are your age and share in your life as you both go along the way.  You usually have children the same ages and have so many wonderful memories of childhood stories of when you were raising your children.  You also encourage, help, and love one another as you grow together, and travel along life's paths.

Finally, the third set of friends are those that you are mentoring, as they are younger than you. Sharing what God has done for you and will do for them if they are faithful.  As you cherish all three groups, these younger ones are the friends you love to watch grow as hopefully you have grown through the eyes of the older generation that mentored you.

As I see these groups that I hang with, I noticed that we all are there for each other, as in a marriage, through sickness and in health, in bad times and good; having fun; enjoying fellowship with one another; and learning and leaning from and on each other.

I thank God for all my friends and pray that they will continue to love me as I love and cherish each and every friendship that comes my way.  I always want to be a good friend, trusted and true, and pray that God will help me as I strive to continue doing just that.  I know my friends are just that to me also.

So call your friends today and meet them for lunch and cherish the time together!