Friday, April 20, 2018

Foyer Light Fixture

Today I’m blogging about a new light fixture that we purchased last week from the Pottery Barn Outlet in Morrow, GA.  We have a new store outlet there and it seems to have a lot of furniture, but recently they bought in a lot of other items, such as lighting, rugs, lamps, and huge, huge boxes of other things such as bed linens, throws, down comforters, throw rugs, Christmas stockings, plates, dishes, etc.  

Anyway, my price was originally $249.00 and it was marked down to $149.97.  They had a sale and I got it 50% off of the lowest price for $59.00.  I was so excited because it's lead crystal. I called my hubby to come by and look at it with me.  I’ve learned a long time ago when it comes to electrical its best to have a set of eyes on it that know what they are looking at. 

This was the one he took down.  Look at the 1990 mess.

Here is the dining room light and I think the crystal matches the new hall way light very well.

The one below is in the living room and my foyer sits between the two rooms so I think the new one is a great blend of what I already have up.  Not that they always have to match, but I do like the cohesiveness of the three.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  Go check out the Pottery Barn Outlet in Morrow!!! It's worth the trip.