Monday, January 29, 2018

Visit to Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors

My husband and his best friend went to Bainbridge, GA on Friday for the
Rattlesnake Roundup.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was a big incentive to have a "Girls Weekend".  Several of us spent the night with my best friend and played cards to the wee hours.  We got up Saturday morning and went to Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors in Alpharetta and Buford.  Yes, two antique stores in one day!  Plus visited my daughter's new home in Cumming.  Followed by dinner at Cheeky's Mexican in Avalon.
It was a great day with a lot of shopping.  We dreamed of the chocolate brownies at the house, so cards and brownies were in our thoughts as we headed home.  We had such a grand time together. 
We'll have to make it a bigger party next time and invite more friends!

I thought I would share a few of my purchases of the day especially since I got such good buys.

This was a steal at $28.00 from Pottery Barn. I used it last evening for an appetizer
and put cheeses, pears, and grapes on it.  Beautiful! You can't really tell how long it is but I would say 16 inches approximately

This deal was a new little garden tray that was finished so nicely I had to have it for my
spring table in the kitchen.  I'll have fun filling it up.

These are both beautiful and useful.  I collect the creamy white dishes and these will go great with what I already have.  They were not marked as a cream and sugar, but I purchased them to us as a pitcher and just put spoons in them.  I loved them and they had to come home with me.

 These German plates are Royal Copenhagen and my friend paid $100.00 each for her set of 5 back in the 70s.  These were in a half price booth for $19.00 each, so my $8.00 each was a STEAL.

Here is one of our friends who traveled with us.  She is from Texas and we thought this old burlap bag from Texas was kind of funny!  Marty was a great sport.

Below is the card showing the stores and their locations. I know they would appreciate a visit to check them out.  It was a great time and all the ladies that traveled with us agreed.  We have the Marietta store in mind for our next trip.  Stay tuned to our travels to come!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Annual Cookie Swap 2017

It's a little late to post Christmas, however we had so much fun at the Annual Cookie Swap at our friend, Kathy's home that I wanted to post all these pics for everyone to see.  It was so precious of Kathy to open her home as she has done for the last 4 or so years.  I started the swap years ago and we have moved it around to a lot of our friends hosting, but Kathy has seemed to really
enjoy having it and her house is so suited for all those ladies to come. 
Thank you Kathy for always being available to us!

Just a few pics of the ladies who attended. 

These ladies are also the ladies that attend the Fox Theater with us. 
We call ourselves "The Fox Ladies". 

Look at these beautiful cookies.  I believe Laura above baked these!

Below is a picture of all our cookies displayed for our cookie round that we play.
Usually we all line up and go around 3-4 times until all the cookies are gone.  Then we take them home in a beautiful cardboard box that our hostess provides. When I return home, I usually put each different kind of cookie in a Ziploc back as the cookies stored together all start to taste alike.  That way you have a great selection when you serve or eat.

 Kathy's beautiful white lit trees were certainly a pretty site for all those delicious cookies!

 The camera caught some of us by surprise!

 Look at that beautiful table she prepared for us.

 Look at this beautiful table in the dining room!  All those friends gathered to celebrate!

Most of these beautiful ladies below were the ones that attended the cookie swap, however this is our garden club picture that was at our Christmas Party in the home of
Dawn Davis earlier in the month of December.  She also is a wonderful hostess.

I know each of you had a wonderful Christmas and pray your new year 2018 will be a great one!

Next year consider a Cookie Swap with all your peeps!  It is always loads of fun.