Friday, September 26, 2014

Outdoor Fire Place

Last year my husbands best friend hired me to help renovate a 1900 year old home for his firms CPAs office. It was a great project and was going to put some of the before and after pics on the post but discovered they are on another computer. Maybe I will do that later. But the main reason I was writing this post was because out of this project.  We were given about 1200 old 1900 year old brick from the side yard of this old house that survived the fire earlier in the 19th century.

My husband went and loaded the bricks into his truck and made five trips back and forth to bring them to our back yard.  We hired a brick mason and chose this picture of an outdoor fireplace for the mason to go by.

Below is a picture of the completed project, one that we are very pleased with. The screen cover is just something we will use during the summer to decorate, and this fall we will have to find a real screen. This is actually a garden gate that we purchased several years back and never used it for it's intended purpose.