Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kim, Kathy & The Edgy Rug

Several weeks back, I believe it was actually Martin Luther King Day, I went shopping with 2 of my good friends, Kathy and Kim.  We had such a great day and seemed like we so enjoyed each other's company as we always do. We went to Woodstock Market Place.  We had such a great time that we left there at 12:30 and went to lunch and came back to finish, finally leaving around 5:00. 

But the reason for my post was Kim bought a rug at a great price.  It was really cute and looked like a Ballard Design print.  She has put it in her den and we all are crazy about it.  Seems that Kim has had some company for a couple of weeks and just now got around to putting it down.  Received the pics today and I think it's fabulous!  Kathy said it was "edgy".  Great word for a great rug.  See what you think.

 It's not quite as large as the rug that she previously had in the room but she has such pretty hardwood floors it would be a shame to not show some of them.  I love the size and actually prefer this size to the previous rug. 

While I've camped out here in this room, take a moment to notice the two poofs that she has near the fireplace.  I love those especially against the leather ottoman.  Such texture!

She and I found the column against the wall several years ago at Scott's Antique Market, another favorite place we like to wander. 

I just love going to Kim's house, it's not cluttered but very well decorated and put together so nicely in all these beautiful neutral colors. 

Thanks Kim for letting me share your space with blog land!

Please leave a comment on how you love this space, we would both like to hear from you out there. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Stash Decorating Closet

For the last week I've been working on a closet that is in my husband's art room where he paints, draws, etc.  (I would use the closet in my sewing room, however, it has my sewing machines in it.)  His closet is a walk in closet and he only hangs his sports coats and suits in there.  So this is where I put my decorating stash.  Yes, I said it "my stash".  Its actually been there for years, but every time you went in you would stumble over my stuff.  So its all organized.  Here is a picture of the finished closet.

I know it must still look cluttered but my look on this end is really organized.  I purchased from Walmart a black 4 shelf rack for 39.99 and pushed it in the outside wall along the back.  I put all my candle holders on the bottom.  Each shelf hold 250 lbs. so it works nicely.  I have a basket for plates and glassware. 

Don't look too closely as I should have painted the closet first.  But on the left wall I have always hung Ziploc bags on nails to contain things like: plate hangers: small easels: lamp parts, I also hang wreaths there that I use with other decorations.  My Christmas decorations have a closet all their own so I don't have to store any of that in here.

This is the top shelf on the back wall and holds a lot of glass ware that I can reach easily.

This is the right  side of the closet as you enter.  It houses his jackets/suite and on the top shelf holds the larger items that are safe on the top shelf.  The closed is angled on this right side so I had to be careful what to put on that shelf that would fit nicely in the eaves of the house roof.

I hope the new year has gotten you excited also about organizing your areas of your home.  It sure does feel a lot better to walk in the closet and create a table setting easier than finding what I was looking for in a box under a box, under a box, you know what I mean.

Happy Organizing!!!