Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Memories

This week I begin to plan Easter at our house by creating our Easter menu. As I did many memories begin to flood my mind such as the memory of Easter 1957. My momma took these pics of my brother, Ken (tallest with glasses who passed away last July 2016), me (the little one in the front left age 4). The other two children were our neighbors, Susan Guthrie and Wayne Guthrie (Wayne passed away at the age of 16). Our moms made our beautiful dresses that year and we were so proud of them.

The next pic was of my little sister, Katrina on the right and on the left the neighbor's child, Robin Guthrie.

Easter is such a beautiful time of remembrance and renewal of new life though our Savior. I thank God for the beautiful memories of Easter pasts and am so grateful we have these memories with our children and grandchildren today.

Now it's Good Friday and the memories of past celebrations come back also with time spent with family at church and at dinner at home.  I know your also must have pictures of your families that you also cherish.  Especially when you look back after a love one has gone to be with Jesus.  But just as the Lord passed on the cross He gave new life on Sunday!  So I look forward to seeing my loved ones in Heaven one day.

Here are some of our most recent years at the Cross of my son-in-law and daughter's church. I love how they celebrate at their church every year with this cross that is full of fresh flowers.  The minister also gives everyone in attendance something that represents his sermon to make the service more meaningful. Items such as peacock feathers, old keys, Jesus sandal charms, etc.  I still have some of these small trivial items that help me remember these sermons.

I think the boys were 1 and 3 here.

Our boys were only 2 and four. 

Boys were 4 and 6

They may have been 3 and 5 here.

It's great to see how our children have grown since we began attending when Harris was a very tiny baby.  Memories of Easter's past, what a great thing!

May each of you have a wonderful Easter filled with memories that will last forever.  And keep making many more every year!