Thursday, December 17, 2015

Book ~ The Paris Apartment

I recently read a great book by the name of "The Paris Apartment" by Michelle Gable. This book was an historical fiction book, based on a true story of a Paris apartment that was closed in the 1930s during World War II and not opened again until 2010. It was discovered after the owner Marthe de Florian died, left it to her child and that child died at 91 years of age.  Then the estate discovered the apartment. 

Below is the link to view the  pictures and article regarding this wonderful apartment.

In the apartment there were paintings by the famous 19th century Italian painter, Giovanni Boldini. The story is written around a fictitious character Amy, that works for a antique broker and discovers the dairies of Marthe de Florian that owned all of these paintings and antiques in the apartment. It turns out the Mathe was the woman in the pink muslin evening dress, was his muse, and an actress at The Moulin Rouge. The book allows you to discover life in Paris during the early 1900s.

Michele Gable has another book, "I'll See You In Paris"coming in February 2016. It's about another of the paintings from the apartment. I won this book while participating in an online chat with the author and with my book club, The Book Chicks. This book is just as good, if not better than the first. Look for it in the book stores.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Monogrammed Santa Bags

It's not too early to get ready for Christmas!  Shopping here we come!!!!
These are two Santa Christmas bags that I created for a client of mine. She wanted something to carry all her grandson's gifts in each year to their house.  They were made out of a heavy duck cloth and of course monogrammed for her grandsons.  These were 2 for 30.00.  If interested just email me. 

My Updated Blog

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by.  Thanks to the sweet Brenda over at My Cozy House, we were able to make the blog easier to read.  She took out some of the background color on the blog and helped me organize it a little more.  Plan to spend some time with her the first of the year to get some more things done.

Just wanted to shout out to Brenda for all the work she did with me yesterday to make it more user friendly. Hope you like the new changes.  Keep reading for more updates to come.

My FIND at the Thrift Store

At New Years 2014-2015 my husband and I were in Bainbridge, Georgia  visiting friends. While out shopping with the girls we wandered in the local Goodwill store.  After looking around for a little while, I noticed this lamp in the back of the store all alone on a shelf.  The  lamp was black and had chips all over it. I think it's made with a plaster material and is very heavy.

House and Meal Ready for Gourmet

Last year, November 2014 my husband and I hosted our gourmet group for a fall dinner. The preparation is always so much fun and when we host it takes about 2 months of thoughts and many list to get ready for the event.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Old Chairs

My grandmother, Ruby Dean Carthledge Holland died when I was in my twenties. She left her household goods, her home and her land to her youngest son, Ernest. My father was next to the oldest son. When she died my dad didn't receive anything tangible from his childhood home, which he was fine with. But many years later, after his youngest brother passed away, my aunt and cousin gave me 4 chairs from my grandmothers things. She never had much to begin with.  She graduated from college, however, my grandfather, a wonderful man, was a dairy farmer and they raised seven boys and just worked hard all his life.