Sunday, July 27, 2014

Decorating My Half Bath/Toilet Room

Well it's not something I usually post, but thought this tutorial might be interesting to some, so I decided to post it on my blog! So here goes. I hope someone out there learns just a little from this post and also enjoys it. I always like to see photos of what others are doing in their homes.  I sometimes just wish I could knock on a door in a neighborhood and ask if I could see their house because I find their yards are so pretty.  Anyway..... here goes!

My downstairs half bath/toilet has seen many redoes over the last 24 years we have lived here,  but this time I wanted to warm it up just a little. It has this pedestal sink that always seemed to make this little room seem so cold. So a few weeks ago I made a skirt and put it on with Velcro as you can see in the pic below. I wish I had blogged how I made the skirt but just didn't get around to it.

I thought that I needed to add something else to the little bathroom.  So I decided that on the wall across from the toilet and sink I would put a small little runner on the antique English table that sits on the wall.  That English table has always been there because it is just the right size.  Anyway, I decided I would make a little table runner. 

So first I measured the width of the table and how wide I wanted the runner to be.  Before I cut my fabric I added a 2 inch margin all around for my seams. I also cut a lining and put them right sides together and sewed the long end on each side, leaving the two ends open. I also left about 6 inches open in the middle on one side for turning the fabric later.

After sewing that together, I decided I wanted a small ruffle at each end of the runner, so I took the width of the end and added another half of that width for gathering.  I cut my fabric so I could fold the ruffle in half.  Then I sewed it all around leaving open one long end, turned and pressed the selvages.  I then gathered the ends together with a basting stitch and gathered it up to fit the end of the runner. 

Then I turned the runner right sides together and inserted one ruffled piece into the end of the runner and sewed the selvages together. I did the same on the other end.

After both ruffles were sewned to each end, I closed up the side where I left it open 6 inches with a simple slip stitch.  It was so easy to make and made my little toilet room so adorable.  I feel now it's warm and gives your eye something warm to look at on each wall.  They always say, you need fabric in a room and since I love fabric, it made it easy to convince me. 

As you can see in the pics below, I think it turned out real well for me.

Hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial.  Oh yes, forgot to tell you, the little bee towel hanger at the right of the sink was put there for my two sweetgrandson's that can't reach the towel holder to the left of the sink.  It's just their height! Have to take care of their little dirty hands don't we?

Happy sewing!