Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hyde Park, New York Trip

Hi Everyone,

This post was intented for the start of summer, and one that I meant to share with you but didn't have the time to post after we got home from our trip to New York in June.  Even though summer is almost over I wanted to share because Hyde Park/Roosevelt's Home was such an interesting place. Maybe some of you have seen it, but awesome place to visit.

We have been traveling for the last week in upper state New York. We have had so much fun just tooling around in our rental car! The real reason for our trip was to visit my husbands sister in Middletown, NY!

We have been to upper NY before, but this time we visited a few places we haven't been before! Attached are a few pics of F.D. Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park. We went to the presidential library and it was so interesting as these places usually are! What a great president and we learned so many fun things about him. Maybe some of you have seen the Roosevelt movie. It showed just how fun he really was in spite of his disability!

The gardens there were absolutely gorgious.  The peonies were the most spectacular that I had ever seen.  Living in the deep south, we only get maybe 3 blooms on our 3 bushes we have every year.  To see this garden full of peonies surrounding President and Mrs. Roosevelt's graves was astonishing! 

The greenhouse was already closed and would have loved to take a tour of that.  But we  did get into Roosevelt's home and it was wonderful.  Even saw the wheel chair in the elevator that he used daily.  He would not let anyone help him up and down the lift for he said that was one thing he could do for himself. 

Then we went onto Vanderbilts home in Hyde Park.  They were neighbors, guess I remembered that long ago, but forgot.  It was beautiful overlooking the valley. Notice the tree to the left of the picture below.  We saw a hugh rat snake on the tree.  Second pic down.

The Vanderbilt garden was beautifully designed and something to be admired.  Could only imagine a party there when it was as its highest bloom. 

As you can see, summer is so close to being over and even though the children go back to school very soon, memories of our little trip will always be with us.  As it gets cooler, we will be going with our daughter and her husband and our two grandsons to Disney World where we will see summer close.  It will be fun in a different sort of way, but this trip was refreshing to enjoy nature and catch a glimpse of our past President and how he lived.  He was such an awesome President and we must not forget what he did for our nation during trouble times.  Thank you President Roosevelt.  We admire you for your COURAGE! God Bless America! 

On another note, I guess this post is just in time for Labor Day!  Hope you all have enjoyed your summer!