Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Home Tour 2014


As you browse through our home and take in the fall decorations, please remember it's nothing professional, just the simple enjoyment of decorating and I also enjoy sharing our home with others! 

I love to help my friends with their decorating projects, especially shopping for the home goods together! I hope you enjoy what I have put together for you. And if you see something you want to do yourself, then I have done my job in sharing! Please keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer and my photos could be a little brighter, but learning that will come in time as I continue to post.

I'm bringing you in through the garage into the kitchen because they say that "Back Door Friends Are The Best!" So welcome through to our home blog friends!

This is the main part of my kitchen. 
You will notice even though my tole tray over the stove
has flowers on it I believe it fits nicely into the fall scene. 
Also love my new faucet that my main man
put in for me, but onto the fall tour.

As you see we still have our beautiful oak cabinets. I have considered changing them numerous times, but feel this is really a beautiful wood and decided to stay true to it!

Here is our breakfast area.  I Love my window seat where I do my Bible study every morning.

My kitchen table is ready for fall. I brought in my yellow French iron candlesticks and also added some fall elements from the yard such as acorns, chestnuts and small pine cones. I took a few of the larger acorns and painted the nut part metallic gold. I think they turned out pretty. I also scattered them through out the house in various vignettes. Oh, I almost forgot, the small pedestal and two pumpkins came from Boxwoods in Buckhead/Atlanta.  If you haven't visited that store, you have missed a large treat!

You can see the backyard out of the window in the kitchen and see our fireplace decorated for fall. We put the pumpkins out today and the weather was so cool. Exciting to finally start a fire soon in the fireplace. We can't wait! So looking forward to the s'mores with our two grandson and family!

This is what it looks like at night after my man hung all the lights!  Exciting!

Now, down the hallway to the den!

All I did in the den was to add a few pumpkins and acorns on the mantle.  Oh yes, the quilts are out and in the basket by the fireplace and on the sofa. The hygrangeas were dried several years ago and put in the metal green wall sconces with the sticks.

You can't see the pumpkins on the mantle along with a small pic of my husband and myself in the fall under the birch trees. (Note: important that it's Mr. And Mrs. Burch!)

Notice the quilt on the back of the sofa, and then the rest of the small collection in the basket on the hearth. They are waiting to be taken outside to be used at the fireplace on a cool autumn night.

The black coffee table/chest was my mothers cedar hope chest.  She would love to know that I am using it to hold my grandchildren's toys!  She passed away in 1987 and the chest was given to her on her 16th birthday by her parents in 1937.  I had it professionally painted and repaired several years ago.

On to the foyer.

 I don't think you can see the beauty of the natural arrangment in this picture, however it's all from my yard.  You can do this, don't be shy, but just go out and gather anything that is green and textured and have fun adding various sticks and things to the arrangement until it's like you want. I did use some purchased wheat that I have been saving for this arrangment.

The picture is one that my husband is still working on and I forgot to take it out of the photo shoot.  I think it's pretty there, just a few more touch ups to be done!

Now on

Here in the living room the sofa has some fall floral pillows and pumpkins with more acorns to dress the tea table!

Notice the pumpkin on the desk that my husband also painted. 

Here is our dining room already decorated for fall too!

Love my tray in the middle with all the fall acorns, magnolia cones and hydrangeas added to it.

 The white fruit compote under the dome is also a favorite for fall, alongside my iron French lamps that I got for a steal!  Another day for that post.

The napkin rings are what they call at the florist as metal ribbon, cut and joined together in the back with one of my painted gold acorns attached on top with a glue gun.

The beautiful oversize white linen napkins were purchased at an estate sale in Buckhead with my girlfriends!

Love the turkey plates purchased after Thanksgiving! 

The white chargers are from Ikea and the brown ones from Michael, and I promise you they were at a great price!

Now onto the deck!

I couldn't forget the porch!  It had to put pumpkins out there too!  See the fern below.  I am so glad fall is here, but so worried my fern won't make the cold winter months in our garage! 

It was fun going to the Atlanta Farmer's Market to purchase pumpkins.  Was going to make a trip to the mountains to buy them, but the fall decorating couldn't wait for that trip later this month. 

Well I am so glad you stopped by to see my fall decorating!  As I said before, I haven't done a lot of blogging, but this has truly been a learning experience.  Hopefully, I'll be doing more of this so please join my website and drop by anytime!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!