Monday, October 13, 2014

Cotton Wreaths

I want to share a new project that I completed several weekends ago. My best friend and her husband invited us to go down with them and another couple to their families second home in Bainbridge, Georgia. 

We usually go down with them several times a year to just relax and play cards or usually once a year to put up peas. We love the creamett peas and usually go down in June. But this year we decided to get in on the fall crop. So we went down in September. Which also happens to be cotton picking time!!

While there we girls thought that a good project for our garden club would be to make cotton wreaths for our homes.  My other good friend, Gail was there with us and was hosting at her home in October and needed a project. So the cotton wreaths won the vote.

We decided that we would put the peas up and send our men to pick cotton. Now my best friend Patsy's family owns some farm land and they lease the land to a local farmer, who in turn plants cotton. So off the men went to the farm with good instructions from us ladies.  We told them we needed five large garbage bags of cotton. Well they came back with five huge bags full! What good men we all have.

So that evening I use my glue gun and grapevine wreath to make a proto type of what the girls would be making at the meeting.  Below is a pic of how mine turned out. I hung it on the back door to take our pic to email to the girls so they could bring their supplies to the meeting.


Here is my friend, Kathy's wreath. She made a very large one.

This one is so pretty to me.  I love the two ribbons both grays and how they blend together so well.

Here is another one with double ribbon. This belongs to Dawn.

 Linda was so proud of hers!

As was Darlene!  Loved her ribbon.  It was orange and burlap.

As you can see we all had such fun!