Friday, October 17, 2014

Repurposed Yard Table

Last Friday, some girlfriends of mine went to Scott's Antique Market to shop.  I don't know if any of you out there in Blog Land have ever visited Scotts but it's simply awesome!  It's located on Jonesboro Road in Atlanta.  It has two buildings on each side of the highway that used to be the Home Depot and Richways.  Anyway, these buildings are huge and full of fun antiques, new re purposed items, and anything else you might want to find.  There are rugs, pillows, junk, hardware, just let you mind wander and it's probably there.

Here is a  selfie of me in the orange and my friend Patsy on the left with girlfriends, Kathy and Marty in the rear.  Just so you get a visual.

My friend Kathy is so talented and is always so wonderful in offering her help in any decorating project that we might find ourselves in.  Recently she remodeled her daughters new Hair Salon in Senoia, Georgia called Restored Salon.  She originally was located in downtown Senoia, where the "Walking Dead" is being filmed, but now has relocated but still in Senoia.  Anyway, Kathy is always up for a decorating project. 

Which brings me to the topic of the day..... We were outside in the open air market side and located this green iron 36 x 36 table without a top.  It originally had a glass top so it had a ledge around the outside that held the glass in place.  I have been needing a rustic table in the back yard for serving on around our fireplace.  We have table and chairs out there to eat on, but not a serving table like for appetizer when we have a large amount of guest/family to feed.

Kathy suggested this table for my purpose and said she could put a top on it.  I said how can you do that???? How would you attach it to the metal.  She explained how and before I knew it I was talking to the seller and got the table down from $45.00 to $30.00. we went to locate some barn wood to put on it.  And that is exactly what we did.  I purchased 6 pieces of barn wood for $20.00 and the rest is history. 

I took it over to Kathy's house on Saturday morning and by that afternoon she had it ready for me.  I picked it up on Sunday and behold my beautiful rustic table as pictured below.  She said it only took her about 1 hour.  I was so excited about it that I put it in the yard and will put some burlap runners on it to serve at the end of the month for Gourmet at our home. 

Thanks to my friend, Kathy!  You are a true doll.  (Oh yes, I must say to spare feelings, my husband was sure he could do this project and would have, but I have simply overwhelmed him getting ready for Gourmet at our home October 25th that I dared not ask him to help me).  You know when to check your losses don't we girls?