Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Sewing/Art Room

This post is one that I have wanted to do for a while but just now getting around to it.  Our space has been set up for some years now, but each day I spend in this room is glorious.  We love this space.

It used to be our son's bedroom but when he left home for military, college and later marriage it became my husband's and my room to be able to create anything we wanted in it.

We come and just let our minds wander and feel free to just be ourselves.  It really does release all the tensions of the day and we really don't ever want to leave. We wish it were bigger but so thankful God has given us the space to set it up whether small or large.  Here's what it looks like as you enter the room.....

Sorry for all the stuff on the cabinets but we need all of this.....  The cabinet is backed with another cabinet just like it creating the backside just like what you see and also giving me a great storage and tabletop should I need it to lay out fabric or my latest craft project.

You can see my latest project on the table top.  I'm making drawstring bags for my picnic basket. I got these utensils at Walmart and each set will need bag of its own.  So I will be monogramming each one with Forks, Knives, and Spoons.

To the left as you enter is two full sets of cabinets that hold my fabric.  These were given to me from a great friend that no longer needed them.  I can organize my fabrics by color. Also, we have a small flat screen TV on the top where my hubby can watch art DVDs and I can watch HGTV as we work.  Also you can see my wonderful window treatments that I made.  My hubby put the cornice tops on the windows and added knobs to put the treatments on.  I love these windows.

Walking on around the center cabinets you will see my husband "the small time artist" setup.  His easel to the left where he is working on a number of things.  Also his drawing table,which was given to him by S. Truett Cathy (Past CEO of Chick-fil-A) who taught 8th grade Sunday School with my husband at FBC/Jonesboro.  It was much taller and he lowered it by cutting the legs off some.  It was also a wood stain and we painted it.  The chair and the rest of our furniture came from the Ballard's Back Room here in Atlanta, which was a great discount.

Several years ago I found this chair at a hotel discount furniture outlet south of Atlanta.I paid $35.00 for the chair and then had it recovered in some fun fabric. Of course, after $250.00 later for fabric and upholstery cost I probably could have purchased a chair, but it wouldn't have been what I wanted in the room and was able to find fun fabric.I have a little side table and overhead lamp where i can sit and read patterns or can just work on some hand work. 

 To the right of my chair is a armoire that hold all of my scrap booking supplies and also when open it houses my laptop that I am currently using to write the blog.  I dare not open the top of  it for you to see all those supplies, for it really might scare you! My son-in-law gave me the 1920 sewing machine at the top of the armoire.  He saw it and made sure it was mine.  Love that son-in-law cause he loves my daughter!

All of my ribbons and some craft supplies are on the bookcase next to the armoire.  There is more spooled ribbon inside the sewing closet, which is our next stop.

Here is my sewing closet.  I know it's small but was originally a walk in closet.  I had our carpenter "RAY", wonderful guy install the wrap around cabinet and I covered it with Ballard's fabric to match the rest of the room.  The skirt that wraps the cabinet is covering a lot of things like pattern boxes, trim, sewing supplies and I even hide a few Christmas presents behind the curtains?  Shhh... don't tell anyone.

My Husqavarna that I use to embroidery is to the left and the Husqavarna Serger is right beside it.  A little desktop hutch I found at Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta is in the middle.  On the right is my Singer Sewing Machine that is only about 40 years old, but I love it and hope it never dies.  I painted the walls the same color as the room but painted some black and white poka dots on it.  You would never think you would get this much in a walk in closet would you?

As you can see the fabric buckets at the top of the closet have each person's name on it and anytime someone's picture is taken or some memorabilia is saved it goes in their individual bucket.  That way it's already sorted for scrap booking.

To the right of the old cabinet is my Singer and all the embroidery threads that I use.  My husband made the sewing spool frame on the wall years ago to house all those threads.

The is to the right of my Singer and I had Ray build it in so I could put all my wrapping paper.  That way I don't have to dig it out of a Tupperware container each time I need to wrap a gift.  And I love to wrap.  I hate bags.  I know they are so helpful but seem so impersonal.

And we are back to the entrance of the room again.  Notice my bulletin board full of our families pictures.  I also have a lot of my favorite quotes posted.  This is our family that we cherish and love and inspire us each time we sew, monogram, paint or craft. It reminds us of who we are each time we look at it.

Well ,you have seen where I love to stay.  My cousin uses a phrase "My Happy Place" regarding her mountain home.  I guess in a small way, this is "My Happy Place".  So glad I got to share it with you. I hope you also have a Happy Place somewhere! 

Drop by anytime and  help me sew. I Love Company!