Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall & Sewing Room Rag Banners

Last week I became inspired by the arrival of fall to make some banners for my home. I thought I would make one for my sewing room and a fall one for my mantle.  It was so much fun and allowed me to match the numerous beautiful fabrics that are out there and play with colors that blend and match. I simply love all things fabric.

The first one I made was for my sewing room. I had already made the pink Etsie and Me banner for my sewing room several weeks ago. You can see that one in the photo below, but the rag banner hanging below it was the one I just completed.

I'm going to share a small tutorial on how to make this.  Here is the list for assembly:

1 /4 yard of 5 different fabrics.
two spools of decorative ribbon that coordinated
Bias Tape or Jute Cord the length you want the banner to be

I then laid out my fabric and cut with my pinking shears 2 1/2 strips the width of the fabric. Each strip measured 2 1/2 X whatever the width of 1/4 yard wide is. Don't have a tape measure handy to give you the accurate measurement right now. But they don't have to be precise. That's the beauty of it.

Take your bias tape or jute cording (I used black bias tape for the Etsie and Me banner)  and tied it to a knob and stretched it across and tied it to another door knob so I could work easier. Taking each strip and folding it in half I came over the top of the bias tape and pulled the ends though the loop, not pulling it not too tightly as you want to see the color of the fabric on the loops. I put one color of fabric on and then another until I created the pattern I liked best. I then went back and cut my ribbon and attached it in he same manner.  I put my fabric in order of the way I wanted it to look.  I think it turned out great.

Here is the fall one that I created for my mantle.  I loved the colors in this one too. The pumpkin banner that I bought at Kirkland's goes well with the rag banner I made.

Here is the detail of my fall garland.  You can see my fabric selections.

My niece, Tiffany Clark made her fall. One also. I thought I would share these so you can also see some variations in mixing colors.  Loved hers too. 

 The pom pom garland that is in the picture below, I also purchased for another project.  But I love it!

Get busy and decorate your home for fall.