Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall 2017 on Carnes Road

Welcome to our house for Fall!

We are decorated for Halloween! And Fall!

Our Fall decorations are from things I have collected from the past.  That's the fun of all the great things that you find and hold on to for years to come.  My momma always said only buy what you love.

These pumpkins on the planters are some that I bought at the Mall of America in Milwalkee when we visited there years ago.  They came from William Sonoma Home and I cannot part with them.  They are heavy pottery.  The one on the left is larger than the one on the right.

Welcome to our foyer. The armchair is one that I brought in from our kitchen.  It has a Pottery Barn pillow from last Fall season. 

I love this gold pumpkin.  I've had it for so many years I can't remember.  It seems to pair well with the framed art that I love. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall."

This sweet plate above is one that I picked up at an antique tag sale years ago. It's china painted porcelain and I love it.  It's on our tea table in the living room.

The dining room has our table all set for Fall.  I took the wooden tool tote that Mister D made years ago, added plates, baby boos, and some magnolia leaves to it.  My grandson picked those up for me in the yard at Forsyth Fabric yesterday.  I think it turned out pretty cute. I love the leaf color! 

 Also, there are votive twig candle holder scattered around the table to add to the festive Fall air.

I love this topiary that I brought in from the outside.  I don't know where you are today, but here in Atlanta, it's in the mid 40s with winds blowing real hard.  So, we had to bring all the plants inside for the winter.

Maybe you can zoom in to see the sweet napkin holders that my daughter gave us for Christmas one year.  I loved them and the monogram on them.  I think they came from Pottery Barn also.

This sweet little saying "Give Thanks" was given to me by a sweet friend  last Fall.  I don't get to see Becky much but am reminded of her when I see this. 

Here is the mantle.  It's all donned with the banners that I posted about last week.  The paintings of the pumpkins are some that Mister D painted over the years.  And the pumpkins are ones I made the last couple of years out of old Goodwill sweaters.

The kitchen table has a sweet tray with another old collectible on it.  It s apiece of muslin just hand embroidered with October and a Halloween pumpkin on it.  I have loved this for years. Also is a black and white stuffed pumpkin with the ceramic ones.  I purchased the stuffed one on Friday at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain.  But more on my wonderful day there on another post later. I also love the pumpkin scrabble tiles.

Love all the Halloween pumpkins and Cats hanging out on the love seat in the bay window.  Looks like they are just purched there waiting for Halloween!

This sweet Pottery Barn pie slicer is waiting for that pumpkin pie that is bound to come out of my kitchen very soon!

I hope you enjoyed our small home tour and are welcoming the cold outside!  Halloween is next week and I can't wait.  It's always a big night with our grandsons!  I hope you all enjoy this fall and the blessings it brings to each of your families.  God bless us everyone!