Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas at the Baggarlys 2017

My daughter has a new home in Cumming, Georgia and moved in several months ago.  I didn't post her Thanksgiving pics but she hosted all our family and her husband's family for Thanksgiving and it was simply beautiful.  She did a great job. Now on to Christmas.  Please keep in mind she will grow in her decorations in years to come but for now she is using what she has.  She and her family lived in a condo for about 12 years before being able to move to this spacious home.  So with that said, her decorations are limited but beautiful. 

 This is her dining room hutch, you can't tell but it's painted the most beautiful blue.  I love her nativity scene that she has placed here.  The Reason for the Season.

 She has a gray sofa and has place some plaid pillows on their and since her colors for her house are grays, creams and navy. Love this Pottery Barn pillow that came from her condo.  The black on it mixes well with the navy, red green and blue plaid pillows.

 Here's another shot of her dining room table.  I think the tree variations are pretty and simple.  Notice how she mixed the same plaid and the navy ticking placemats together.  Great combination of fabric choices.

 Love this sweet kitchen tablescape.  The merry and bright is adorable. 

 Again, she has pulled the same plaid into the kitchen area.  I'm a firm believer in this along with bows used on wreaths need to be the same all the way through your decorating.  There are some instances you can get always with using a mixture of ribbon but one choice always works.

 This little table goes between her two cream sofas in the sitting room but during Christmas she used it to display her children's photography from Richard's Studio in Tyrone, GA where she has always had their Santa pictures and childhood pics made of her two children.  I love this and such a FAMILY thing.

Finally the Christmas tree. In this picture the tree replaces her second cream sofa that moved to her bedroom until after Christmas. The picture doesn't do the tree justice as its a little dark, but this tree is simply beautiful. The burlap tree skirt is monogrammed. She used burlap streamers/garland throughout the tree. She also has used some gorgeous sliver blue and cream ornaments that she purchased last year from Frontgate along with some burlap poinsettas. We have given each of our children an ornament every year since they have been married, including our grandsons. All her family ornaments she has used on the children's trees in another part of the house.

I think she did a fantastic job and can't wait until next year to see how she decorates outside! So proud of our daughter.