Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A New Year is Coming- Post Not Published in 2017

Hi Everyone!  Hope your 2017 Christmas was a wonderful one. 

I wanted to let everyone know that I just published two posts from 2017 for viewing that I had saved as drafts.
1. Was a post about a table that I bought, and 2 was a post from the Country Living Fair in Atlanta.  I hope that you find something in them that you will enjoy.  We all have good intentions and I meant to post them this fall and got way to busy getting ready for Christmas.  At least that sounds like a good excuse.

Can't wait until 2018 and we have some new interest to posts about.  Wonder what the new year will hold?  I pray it's a great one for you all.  I wish everyone safety, health and wisdom for the upcoming year.  God has blessed us all so immeasurably that it's hard to even want or think of more isn't it?  Lord, help us to be so grateful for what we have and except the things we cannot make better. 

Happy New year in blogland everyone!

English/French Country vs. Cottage Table   

I wanted to tell everyone in blog land about my new table that truly wasn’t expensive but such a great find.  I was having lunch with my sister in Douglasville, GA when we went to this shop 4th Time Around.  You can find it on Facebook and they have some very interesting old pieces and new items.  The sweet lady at the shop told me this was an antique from the 1930-40s and was called an antique Spindle Spool Table maybe Victorian?  Well it had been washed with white paint and looked chippy in the finish.  It had to come home with me!  I love it. 

Look at the detail. I think it's so pretty.  I had never seen a table like this one in all of my history of antique shopping.  I'm sure it's not that rare, but for $125.00 I thought it was a true steal.

 It replaced a Ballard’s side table that was narrow and had magazine storage in the bottom.  That table was moved to my sewing room.  I love this new spindle spool table.  It is so intricate and looks so great in my den.  It has a larger table top and could be used as a card table.  It allows for my pottery jug lamp to sit nicely there and also holds a lot more on top than the old table.  Plus I can up my Longaberger baskets stacked underneath for storage of my grandchildren’s puzzles and magazines.

My question to you is do you know or have any of this type furniture.  Please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you. 

Also, I think it definitely fits in my cottage/English country den.  Don’t you? 

2017 Country Living Fair

On Friday, October 27th I went all by myself to the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA.  I had a ball!  I had asked several girlfriends to go but all were busy with other things and couldn't go.  Mister D usually goes with me and he and I even attended the Ohio Country Living Fair before.   I have been many times with my BFF, Patsy but never by myself.  I thought I would have a great time just meandering around looking and buying of course. But never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did!!!!!

I was even able to go to two different workshops that I would have never done had someone been with me.  I attended one about decorating and mixing prints with these two guys, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke of Madcap Cottage.

I had my lunch while just sitting, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, listening and gathering ideas from these two gentlemen. 

The other was with Norma Murphy from The Connecticut Home.  Check her out on Facebook.  I learned that she has been a decorator and designer for Ethan Allen Furnishing among other ventures.  But more importantly she is to be featured in the Country Living Magazine in December with her Connecticut home for Christmas.  It's all about tartan plaid and how to decorate with it.  She showed screen shots of the beautiful magazine pages and explained how she went about decorating for the shoot.  It was glorious!

Below are a few of the pics that I took during the day.  The first being a cotton wreath that everyone needs to have in their Southern home.  It was only $65.00 but I already have one in my kitchen so I passed on the buy.

This was beautiful as it was so simply done.  I could have so seen this in my daughter, Meg's home.  But when I shot her a pic she shot me one back of the one that she already had. 

This was something that I saw from a distance that I thought might be interesting.  It was a cart that had the beginning stages of being decorated.  I have one of these in my sewing room with rolls of decorating fabric stored in it.  I lined my cart with painter's cloth and thought that I might be able to add the rag tassel's to my cart when I had the time to work on it.  Hence the idea below.

This is the find of the day.  I was so excited as I am a big lover of old quilts.  I have about 12.  That's not as many as some of you out there have. This one is a navy polka dot and cream.  It was only $78.00 and a steal. 

I didn't take a pic of the masking tape on the inside border but it has a strip of masking tape that had the date of when it was last washed.  The lady I bought it from said that she purchased it from this lady that was selling some of her mom's quilts that her mother had quilted it in a quilting bee club.   It was hard for her to part with it, but her mom had so many t choose from and she couldn't keep them all. 

In the quilting club the members would wash the quilts they sewed and put the tape on them with the date of last washed on there.  I thought that was so sweet as they loved each and every one they quilted.

This was a strange find.  This is a Chinese man and I was attracted to it because I have 3 Chinese great nieces and 2 Chinese great nephews.

I immediately texted my niece, Tiffany and asked if she wanted it.  It was only $5.00 and I knew she would.  She collect these and has them all over her sweet little house.

Here is a close up of the cart again.  I think it will be so cute when I get mine done.  I'll make sure that I try to blog about it when I start the process. 

This is a banner that I bought from a guest star of the fair, April Cornell.  Yes, she was there in person and so I bought a spring banner from her and a few other Christmas gifts.  I even had the fore thought to have her autograph it.  I should have had our picture made together.  That was a real treat to hear about her fall collection that was displayed in the booth.  She is a sweet lady and so cute.

Well, that was my day at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain.  I hope you enjoyed it and will think about going next year to find a prize you can't live without. 

Stay tuned to see the blog posting of my cart!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas at the Baggarlys 2017

My daughter has a new home in Cumming, Georgia and moved in several months ago.  I didn't post her Thanksgiving pics but she hosted all our family and her husband's family for Thanksgiving and it was simply beautiful.  She did a great job. Now on to Christmas.  Please keep in mind she will grow in her decorations in years to come but for now she is using what she has.  She and her family lived in a condo for about 12 years before being able to move to this spacious home.  So with that said, her decorations are limited but beautiful. 

 This is her dining room hutch, you can't tell but it's painted the most beautiful blue.  I love her nativity scene that she has placed here.  The Reason for the Season.

 She has a gray sofa and has place some plaid pillows on their and since her colors for her house are grays, creams and navy. Love this Pottery Barn pillow that came from her condo.  The black on it mixes well with the navy, red green and blue plaid pillows.

 Here's another shot of her dining room table.  I think the tree variations are pretty and simple.  Notice how she mixed the same plaid and the navy ticking placemats together.  Great combination of fabric choices.

 Love this sweet kitchen tablescape.  The merry and bright is adorable. 

 Again, she has pulled the same plaid into the kitchen area.  I'm a firm believer in this along with bows used on wreaths need to be the same all the way through your decorating.  There are some instances you can get always with using a mixture of ribbon but one choice always works.

 This little table goes between her two cream sofas in the sitting room but during Christmas she used it to display her children's photography from Richard's Studio in Tyrone, GA where she has always had their Santa pictures and childhood pics made of her two children.  I love this and such a FAMILY thing.

Finally the Christmas tree. In this picture the tree replaces her second cream sofa that moved to her bedroom until after Christmas. The picture doesn't do the tree justice as its a little dark, but this tree is simply beautiful. The burlap tree skirt is monogrammed. She used burlap streamers/garland throughout the tree. She also has used some gorgeous sliver blue and cream ornaments that she purchased last year from Frontgate along with some burlap poinsettas. We have given each of our children an ornament every year since they have been married, including our grandsons. All her family ornaments she has used on the children's trees in another part of the house.

I think she did a fantastic job and can't wait until next year to see how she decorates outside! So proud of our daughter.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall 2017 on Carnes Road

Welcome to our house for Fall!

We are decorated for Halloween! And Fall!

Our Fall decorations are from things I have collected from the past.  That's the fun of all the great things that you find and hold on to for years to come.  My momma always said only buy what you love.

These pumpkins on the planters are some that I bought at the Mall of America in Milwalkee when we visited there years ago.  They came from William Sonoma Home and I cannot part with them.  They are heavy pottery.  The one on the left is larger than the one on the right.

Welcome to our foyer. The armchair is one that I brought in from our kitchen.  It has a Pottery Barn pillow from last Fall season. 

I love this gold pumpkin.  I've had it for so many years I can't remember.  It seems to pair well with the framed art that I love. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall."

This sweet plate above is one that I picked up at an antique tag sale years ago. It's china painted porcelain and I love it.  It's on our tea table in the living room.

The dining room has our table all set for Fall.  I took the wooden tool tote that Mister D made years ago, added plates, baby boos, and some magnolia leaves to it.  My grandson picked those up for me in the yard at Forsyth Fabric yesterday.  I think it turned out pretty cute. I love the leaf color! 

 Also, there are votive twig candle holder scattered around the table to add to the festive Fall air.

I love this topiary that I brought in from the outside.  I don't know where you are today, but here in Atlanta, it's in the mid 40s with winds blowing real hard.  So, we had to bring all the plants inside for the winter.

Maybe you can zoom in to see the sweet napkin holders that my daughter gave us for Christmas one year.  I loved them and the monogram on them.  I think they came from Pottery Barn also.

This sweet little saying "Give Thanks" was given to me by a sweet friend  last Fall.  I don't get to see Becky much but am reminded of her when I see this. 

Here is the mantle.  It's all donned with the banners that I posted about last week.  The paintings of the pumpkins are some that Mister D painted over the years.  And the pumpkins are ones I made the last couple of years out of old Goodwill sweaters.

The kitchen table has a sweet tray with another old collectible on it.  It s apiece of muslin just hand embroidered with October and a Halloween pumpkin on it.  I have loved this for years. Also is a black and white stuffed pumpkin with the ceramic ones.  I purchased the stuffed one on Friday at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain.  But more on my wonderful day there on another post later. I also love the pumpkin scrabble tiles.

Love all the Halloween pumpkins and Cats hanging out on the love seat in the bay window.  Looks like they are just purched there waiting for Halloween!

This sweet Pottery Barn pie slicer is waiting for that pumpkin pie that is bound to come out of my kitchen very soon!

I hope you enjoyed our small home tour and are welcoming the cold outside!  Halloween is next week and I can't wait.  It's always a big night with our grandsons!  I hope you all enjoy this fall and the blessings it brings to each of your families.  God bless us everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall & Sewing Room Rag Banners

Last week I became inspired by the arrival of fall to make some banners for my home. I thought I would make one for my sewing room and a fall one for my mantle.  It was so much fun and allowed me to match the numerous beautiful fabrics that are out there and play with colors that blend and match. I simply love all things fabric.

The first one I made was for my sewing room. I had already made the pink Etsie and Me banner for my sewing room several weeks ago. You can see that one in the photo below, but the rag banner hanging below it was the one I just completed.

I'm going to share a small tutorial on how to make this.  Here is the list for assembly:

1 /4 yard of 5 different fabrics.
two spools of decorative ribbon that coordinated
Bias Tape or Jute Cord the length you want the banner to be

I then laid out my fabric and cut with my pinking shears 2 1/2 strips the width of the fabric. Each strip measured 2 1/2 X whatever the width of 1/4 yard wide is. Don't have a tape measure handy to give you the accurate measurement right now. But they don't have to be precise. That's the beauty of it.

Take your bias tape or jute cording (I used black bias tape for the Etsie and Me banner)  and tied it to a knob and stretched it across and tied it to another door knob so I could work easier. Taking each strip and folding it in half I came over the top of the bias tape and pulled the ends though the loop, not pulling it not too tightly as you want to see the color of the fabric on the loops. I put one color of fabric on and then another until I created the pattern I liked best. I then went back and cut my ribbon and attached it in he same manner.  I put my fabric in order of the way I wanted it to look.  I think it turned out great.

Here is the fall one that I created for my mantle.  I loved the colors in this one too. The pumpkin banner that I bought at Kirkland's goes well with the rag banner I made.

Here is the detail of my fall garland.  You can see my fabric selections.

My niece, Tiffany Clark made her fall. One also. I thought I would share these so you can also see some variations in mixing colors.  Loved hers too. 

 The pom pom garland that is in the picture below, I also purchased for another project.  But I love it!

Get busy and decorate your home for fall.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Beautiful Baby Shower

We are so excited that we are having a new grandchild.  We don't know the sex so it will be a beautiful surprise.  I will be sharing pictures to blogland when he or she arrives. 
Today I did want to share with you the shower that five of our relatives and friends held for our daughter in law last month.  It was simply beautiful and one of the prettiest showers I have ever attended.  It was held at the home of Kathryn Black a dear friend of ours and she and our friends did everything just right.  Below are a few pics.
I don't think Kathy would mind sharing these pictures with you as her house is simply beautiful.  Along with all the wonderful things they all did for the shower, it will be a nice treat just to see how she decorated her beautiful home.

This is the beautiful layout of food that was prepared by all those wonderful ladies.  There were chicken salad croissants, petifore’s, sausage balls, nuts, cheese ball, fruit kabobs, and so much more that I can't even remember.  So much food that it was simply beautiful.  As you can tell she used her kitchen bar as the serving table.  Notice the beautiful little silver blackboard on the easel.  It says:
Ten little fingers,
Ten little toes,
Two little eyes,
One little nose
Boy or Girl,
Nobody knows.

The wooden baby bassinet that is painted gray was made by Kathy herself with a
 pretty initial B on it for our last name.

  Notice the beautiful banner behind them that says Baby Burch.  My sweet niece, Tiffany made that to go over the baby's crib. And the sign under the table that says Dream Big Little One.

Our son made this sign for her to take to the hospital with them when they deliver. Everyone at the shower signed it with their best wishes as everyone that visits the hospital will do also.  Then they will hang it on their front door after they come home.  This was my daughter, Meg's idea and she got her brother Brock to make the sign for the shower.
These are some the cousins, big and small that came to the shower.  I don't know why we didn't get a picture of our sweet hostesses.  I feel so bad that didn't happen.

More beautiful cousins!

So many gifts to open. 
This is our son, Brock and daughter-in-law comparing tummies.  We are looking forward to seeing our sweet little one around November 29th. 
Thankful hearts around Thanksgiving!  Wonder what it will be?  Only our good Lord knows!!!